Why The Shy Stylist?

I started out wanting to write The Shy Stylist as a way to show people that great style isn't something that can only be achieved if you are the flashiest or loudest or brashest person out there. I've never been any of those things, nor do I care to be. Instead, style to me is the ultimate expression of one's self - be it who you are, who you want to be, or even who you want people to think you are. Style can make a statement, but it can also be subtle, elegant, or nuanced.

I believe there is a difference between style and fashion: style is more than just the clothes you wear, it extends to the way you carry yourself. While things like fit, fabric, and accessories are paramount, creativity and individuality are equally important. Being stylish doesn't mean you have to be the most outgoing or effusive person in the room - the well-dressed man knows that his style speaks for itself.

Living in New York City, and in Miami before that, I have come to realize that the best style is not seen on the mannequins along 5th Avenue or in the windows of a Bal Harbour boutique, but within the city itself. If you take a minute to look around, you will find countless sources of inspiration as well as cautionary tales to avoid in your own life. What I would like this blog to be is a jumping off point for you, the reader; a place for tips, advice, and inspiration for your own unique sartorial choices.

About Me

My style journey took me through a variety of scenes and subcultures that have left their mark on my personal brand of style. I played several sports, I went to parochial school, I skateboarded, I was in a punk band, and I spent years in both the music and theatre industries before coming to rest in the fashion community. Living in NYC, I currently work as a merchandise coordinator, stylist, and personal shopper in addition to writing The Shy Stylist.

Stay stylish and thanks for reading,
- JJ