January 18, 2015

Head-to-Toe: Thrifted

As I’ve mentioned before, you can find some really great pieces to add to your closet for not a lot of money if you put in the time and know where to look. I wanted to do this Head-to-Toe post was to show that you can put together a well-styled, high quality look for a fraction of the retail cost. Case in point, this entire outfit cost less than $200.

The other reason I wanted to do this particular post was to demystify the illusion that you need a lot of money to have a designer wardrobe. Some of my favorite pieces and best deals came from thrift shops, and I wanted to break down the acquisition of each piece to give specific examples of what you can find, with a little bit of luck.

This blazer is by Helmut Lang and would retail for somewhere around $600-800, but I got it at a Salvation Army coat sale for $30. It was in amazing condition with very minor wear, the only issues being that one of the cuff buttons was missing and the lining had separated from the body, both easy fixes. The shirt is Barney’s New York and cost $9 at Goodwill, the Burberry tie came from Housing Works for about $30, and the AllSaints scarf was $15 at Buffalo Exchange.

The Express Studio trousers cost $8 at Salvation Army. The legline was a little on the wider side, but i really liked their texture so I needed to slim them down a bit. See my post on trouser alterations for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Blazer by Helmut Lang; Shirt by Barney's New York; Trousers by Express
Studio; Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo; Tie by Burberry; Tie bar by Link Up;
Scarf by AllSaints; Belt by Ted Baker; Handmade lapel flower

The Salvatore Ferragamo shoes were $18, also at Salvation Army. Shoes are always a little tricky to thrift because most people don’t get rid of shoes until they are pretty worn down. Sometimes, if the shoe is in good shape and just needs a new sole you can find a good deal, but in the case of these Ferragamos, I just got really lucky as they just needed a good polish.

The lapel flower, while not technically thrifted, cost nothing because it was made with fabric swatches and spare buttons. The only pieces that were not purchased at a thrift store were the belt and tie bar. The belt was about $40 on clearance and the tie bar was $20 at an off-price retailer.

Hopefully this post will show you that a tight budget is not an obstacle to looking great if you put in the time and work. For more tips on thrift shopping, check out my previous post.

Stay stylish,

- JJ

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