January 27, 2015

Dressing for the Occasion: Blizzard

If this post were an academic paper it would probably be subtitled “Responding to the anti-climactic aftermath of Snowpocalypse 2015.” With all the unfulfilled hype that was Winter Storm Juno, I wanted to give some tips on dressing for a blizzard (if one were to actually show up). Now obviously, you should not venture out during a blizzard if you can at all help it. This is more about what to wear when you venture outside the next day to resupply on bread and kale, since it was all likely sold out the day of the storm.

A high collar button-mock sweater will help keep you warm and protected from the elements. The reason I prefer button necks as opposed to turtlenecks is because the buttons allow you to regulate your coverage. If the wind is blowing, button it all the way up. If things have calmed down, open it up a little bit.

Layering is key to keeping you warm as your body heat gets trapped between the layers and helps insulate you. Underneath the sweater, I’m wearing a heavy oxford shirt and a long-sleeve undershirt, but on especially cold days I would opt for a thermal or heat-tech option.

Accessories are important, and I don’t just mean a scarf and gloves. During the day, sunglasses will be a huge help at cutting down on the glare coming off the snow. It’s hard enough to navigate snow-covered sidewalks when you can see. Shearling gloves are perfect for those really cold days as they provide more insulation that regular leather or wool alternatives.

A hat is another accessory to consider, especially when it’s snowing. You can keep your hair dry without having to carry an umbrella around and when it has a brim, in the case of this military cap, windswept snow will (mostly) stay out of your eyes. Just because it’s a blizzard, doesn’t mean you can’t add some flair. A lapel flower is just as at home on a peacoat as a blazer.

The reason I chose to wear black denim is because after a snowstorm in NYC, you end up wading through dirty slush and puddles of questionable depth. Black denim is a good choice for inclement weather because it won’t stain from getting splashed with mud and if the cuffs get wet from trekking through snow, you won’t see it.

Duck boots are a must – they’ll keep your feet dry and stylish. Since Juno only dropped 6ish inches on us, I went with a more unique alternative to the classic Bean Boot. A lot of companies are putting a fresh take on duck boots, and the wingtip detailing on these Timberland Stormbucks infuses a little touch of traditional menswear into a utilitarian boot.

Coat by AllSaints; Sweater by SQ; Shirt by J.Crew; Denim by PPD (now Paige);
Boots by Timberland; Hat by Prada; Scarf by Psycho Bunny; Gloves by Kenneth
Cole New York; Handmade lapel flower; Sunglasses by Bulgari

Inclement weather can always throw you a curveball when it comes to dressing practically and appropriately, but with a little thought and consideration you can weather any storm in style.

Stay warm and stylish,

- JJ

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