February 18, 2014

Style Feature: The Boot for Work

This winter has not been an easy one, and the remainder of it looks less than promising. When a polar vortex comes and drops a foot of snow overnight, some people are able to reschedule their plans and stay out of the elements. Not everyone is that lucky though. What happens if you have a job interview, client meeting, or just a day at the office that you can’t miss? There are still ways to dress up without arriving at your destination soaked up to the knees from trudging through snowdrifts and puddles.

1. Duck Boots

Duck boots are an incredibly versatile piece of footwear and one that I think should be in everyone’s closet. I’ve already done a full post on them here, but I thought they were the perfect thing to revisit for this one.

Extra Tip : If you know you are going to be out in a winter storm, a wool tie is a great option since silk ties can waterspot.

Extra Tip II : Though these aren’t lined, you can find pairs that have a sherpa lining for extra winter insulation.

Boots by L.L. Bean; Peacoat by AllSaints; Sweater by Elie Tahari;
Cords by J. Crew; Shirt by Uniqlo; Tie by Penguin;
Scarf by Psycho Bunny; Gloves by French Connection
2. Shearling Boots

While I generally don’t wear these in the city, they almost always accompany me when I travel north of the city in the winter. What I like about them is the riding boot style detailing that sets them apart from your run of the mill black boot.

Extra Tip : This 'suit' is the perfect example of matching fabrics. All three of these pieces were bought years apart, but it takes a really close look to tell that they didn't come as a set.

Extra Tip II : When properly treated, shearling boots can keep your feet dry and warm when the temperature drops well below freezing.

Boots by Ugg Australia; Jacket with pocket square by Ted Baker;
Trousers by Fink Clothing; Vest by J. Crew; Shirt by Ben Sherman;
Tie by Paul Smith; Gloves by French Connection.

3. Rain Boots

Not just for rain, these boots will make sure that your feet stay dry. Granted they trend a little more casual, a nice pair in a solid color can get the job done. Remember, if you have to break out the rain boots to get where you’re going, other people probably do too. Plus, if rain boots are good enough for Nick Wooster at NYFW, I think they pass muster.

Extra Tip : Since rain boots tend to just be a thin layer of rubber, I will usually only wear them in the winter if I anticipate having to navigate really deep puddles (and there have certainly been some of those this season). However, if you want to use them in particularly cold temperatures, try picking up a boot liner (often made of fleece) to make them winter-friendly.

Boots by Marc Jacobs; Sweater and chinos by Nautica; Shirt by Uniqlo;
Tie by Ben Sherman; Scarf by Psycho Bunny

No matter what the weather, with a little searching you can find the right boot to keep your feet (and pants) dry all day long without having to carry around your dress shoes to change in to.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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