January 11, 2014

Style Feature: The Weekend Getaway

I’ve done posts on vacation wardrobes before, here and here, but they were both for weeklong excursions. I have gotten pretty good at editing what I pack for a longer vacation, but usually have a hard time with weekend trips. I always find myself over packing to make sure I have sufficient options for whatever my itinerary or the weather may throw at me, but also to keep some visual interest and versatility in what I wear. For my most recent trip to upstate New York, I wanted to challenge myself to pack everything (footwear, accessories, toiletries, etc) into one moderately sized bag.

This is everything that I packed for a relaxing weekend out of the city (excluding my dopp kit and undergarments). There was nothing really on the agenda except relaxing, so I wanted to have a good mix of casual pieces with the option to dress it up a bit if the situation warranted.

Day 1

Sweater by Nautica; Shirt by Gant Rugger; Denim by PPD;
Sneakers by AllSaints; Scarf by Burberry; Hat by Prada;
Tote c/o Nautica

As it turns out, it’s a good thing I packed so light on this trip because the rental car company decided to give me a subcompact instead of an economy so space was definitely a commodity. It was snowing for the trip up, but the forecast wasn’t too frigid and I didn’t really plan to go out too much so I didn’t bring a coat. Instead, I relied on my extra long cashmere scarf and a chunky sweater to keep me warm.

Day 2

Shirt by Gant Rugger; Henley by Odin New York for Target; Denim by PPD;
Sneakers by AllSaints

Since it was still, you know, winter, I offset the lighter weight of the woven shirt by layering a henley underneath. I love the versatility that a henley provides because I could just have easily flipped the shirts and worn the woven underneath the henley for a completely different look.

Extra Tip : If you are going to wear canvas sneakers in the winter, warm socks are a must. I discovered J Crew’s camp socks on an unexpectedly cold trip to Vermont a few years back and they have since become a winter staple for me.

Day 3

Sweater by Nautica; Shirt by Uniqlo; Chinos and shoes by AllSaints;
Tie by Ben Sherman; Socks by J. Crew; Laces by Allen Edmonds

The last day entailed a nice brunch, so I wanted to dress a little nicer. The nice thing about this outfit is that, while it is dressy enough for casual entertaining or a nice brunch, it is still comfortable enough to travel in.

The most important thing to remember when packing for a weekend trip is to keep it light but functional. Neutrals and basics will give you more versatility in mixing pieces over different days, but keep in mind your planned activities. A weekend trip to a business convention is going to have different requirements than a getaway to the rural countryside.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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