August 4, 2013

Quick Tip: Playing with Color

Not everyone is comfortable wearing bright colors and that is perfectly alright. Whether you are just beginning to experiment with color or need to keep it toned down for a specific occasion, there are lots of ways to subtly incorporate color into your wardrobe without being ostentatious. I already covered colored belts in a previous post, but here are some other ideas to get your sartorial gears turning.

1. Hat

Hats aren’t for everyone, but if you do choose to wear one, why not go classic with a twist? Ditch the ball cap and go with a full-brimmed seasonal option. I’ve found that muted colors are a better choice for hats because brighter ones look more costume-y than stylish.

Extra Tip : As I've mentioned before, colored laces are a fun and unexpected source of color.

Hat by Goorin Bros.; Shirt by Psycho Bunny; Chinos by Uniqlo;
Shoes by AllSaints; Laces by Allen Edmonds; Watch by Nautica

2. Bracelets

One way to test the waters of bright color is to start small. Bracelets are a great way to do that because even the brightest colors are relegated to a small spot on your wrist so it is more low stakes than Nantucket red pants or a purple shirt.

Extra Tip : Socks are another way to sneak in some color, especially if you like to wear a cuff. Try a colored pattern for an even more interesting statement.

Bracelets from Made With Love Project; Shirt by J.Crew;
Denim by AllSaints; Sneakers by Paul Smith Jeans;
T-shirt by Uniqlo; Socks by Corgi; Sunglasses by Bulgari

3. Tote

This one is a bit city-specific, but useful nonetheless. Not having a car means that I need to carry with me everything I need from when I leave my apartment to when I return and anything I might acquire along the way.  Tote bags are available all over the place, but they are usually that generic natural color.

With even the most cursory amount of shopping around, you can find just about any color you could want (and if that fails you can always make your own, but more on that in a future DIY post). The lightheartedness of the image on this tote combined with the bright teal makes this one of my favorite shopping totes (yes, I have a variety of totes with different purposes, don’t judge).

Tote by Jack Spade; Shirt by Charles Tyrwhitt; Chinos by Uniqlo;
Boat shoes by Sebago; Watch by Nautica;
Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs
4. Shoes

Sneakers come in colors other than black and white, but most guys don’t give them much thought other than on an athletic trainer. Bright colored shoes make a statement, but a more toned down shade is not only a great way to dip your feet in the proverbial water, it is also much more versatile for daily wear.

Extra Tip :  More of a plea actually – trainers are great for active wear, but are best kept in their place. And please don’t wear toe shoes unless you are running and/or are being forced with threats of bodily harm.

Shoes by Timberland; Shirt by J.Crew; Chinos by PPD;
Watch by Bulova; Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Small though they may be, adding a little bit of color through the details of your outfit can really take your look from drab to stylish without making you feel like you popped out of a Crayola starter box. Wearing loud colors on your larger items of clothing can be great too, but when less is more it’s those little touches that will make you stand out. How do you like to incorporate color into your summer looks?

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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