July 14, 2013

Style Feature: Summer Pic(k)s

Summer is here and hitting us hard. With high humidity and temperatures hovering in the 90s, it can be hard to reconcile style and comfort. Making effective use of seasonal fabrics and colors can keep you from relaxing your standards to flip-flops and tank tops. Like with my Spring Picks post, I've put together some of my favorite summer looks to inspire you to beat the heat in style.

1. Summer Up Your Suit

Just because it’s hot out, doesn’t mean you can’t be dapper, and summer suits exist for just this reason. Invest in a cotton and/or linen suit to keep you looking polished through the warmer months. You can also style a summer suit a little more casually, like here, which gives it even more versatility.

Extra Tip : Don’t shy away from color and pattern. A striped suit pairs nicely with a gingham tie and lapel flower, provided you ground it in a solid shirt.

Extra Tip II : Your accessories can tell a story themselves. I chose this particular tie bar because the floral design plays off of the lapel flower and the season in general.

Extra Tip III : I always favor a woven belt over a leather one for summer. It feels inherently more seasonal and less rigid.

Suit by Ted Baker; Shirt by Uniqlo; Shoes by AllSaints Spitalfields;
Tie by J Crew; Tie bar by Link Up; Handmade lapel flower;
Pocket square by Burberry; Belt by Brooks Brothers; Socks by Corgi;
Laces by Allen Edmonds; Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs

2. Check Your Shorts

Shorts are always a summer standard, but they don’t have to be boring. Anchor a patterned short with a solid knit to beat the heat with a casual flair.

Extra Tip : Undershirts are a great way to introduce some bright colors into your wardrobe. It will give you a pop without making too loud a statement.

Extra Tip II : Interesting details on your shorts can let you keep the rest of your look simple but still stylish.

Knit shirt and watch by Nautica; Shorts by Iceberg;
Shoes by Sebago; Hat by Coal Headwear;
Undershirt by Emporio Armani; Thrifted bracelets;
Hand-dyed handkerchief; Sunglasses by Bulgari

3. Stylin' in the Rain

Even though it’s hot, there can still be some cool, cloudy days. Brighten them up with colorful denim and madras. And don’t be afraid to accessorize!

Extra Tip : Details are what I’m fixating on in this post. Unique details give you visual interest without going over the top.

Extra Tip II : Scarves aren’t just for the cooler months. A light cotton or linen scarf tied loosely lets you add a layer without adding any unwanted warmth.

Extra Tip III : Sometimes you can do some good while looking good. These bracelets are from the Made With Love Project. You should definitely check them out.

Extra Tip IV : Like the look of boat shoes but not the ‘rules’ that go along with wearing them? Consider a boat boot. These are chukka height, but you can find a variety of heights to suit your needs.

Shirt by Gant Rugger; Pants by Topman; Boots by Timberland;
Scarf by Rag & Bone; Bracelets from Made With Love Project;
Watch by Bulova; Vintage handkerchief; Umbrella by Tumi;

4. A Colorful Day

Sometimes a day just needs some color. Pair a bright top with a muted bottom (or vice versa) for a fun summer look.

Extra Tip : What will keep you cool more than anything are lightweight and breathable fabrics. Seersucker, linen, and anything with a looser weave is the way to go when the weather gets hot.

Extra Tip II : I took a break from shorts for a while, but this summer has been too brutal to not wear them. Since getting back into them, I’ve found myself preferring a slimmer above the knee cut for a cleaner look. I rolled these shorts up, but in an upcoming DIY post they'll be getting a proper cuff.

Extra Tip III : Seersucker doesn't come in only blue and white. These lilac and white shorts give a different take on a classic fabric.

Shirt by J Crew; Shorts by Nautica; Shoes by Timberland; Belt from Gap;
Watch by Bulova; Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs

There is more to summer than tees and sandals. The things to remember when putting together your favorite summer looks are color, fit, and function. Embrace the bright and saturated colors, keep the fit slim and clean, and utilize seasonal fabrics like seersucker, linen, and madras. Whatever your picks, if you put a little thought into your seasonal wardrobe, you can look cool no matter how hot it gets.

Stay stylish,
- JJ


  1. Nice loafer / boat shoes paired with the chequered shorts. Off sailing on the weekend, so currently on the hunt for a pair.