June 22, 2013

Head-to-Toe: Ted Baker

When it comes to putting together a look that stands out (in a good way), the details are what make it happen. One thing that a lot of British menswear designers do incredibly well is embrace pattern, color, and fun detailing. This is one of the things I love about Ted Baker and why it is perfect for this Head-to-Toe post.

Unlike my two previous posts in the series where almost every piece came from a different season, the jacket, pants, and shirt all came from the same collection. The reason I chose to do this instead of mix and match is that when a designer imbues their collection with a running theme that manifests in the details, it conveys a sense of considered cohesiveness (alliteration much?).

What I mean by this is that it can give you a clean, put together look without the effort of having to coordinate all of the details yourself. Half the work is done for you. For example, the polka dots on the cuff button tie in with the polka dots on the inside of the shirt collar and cuffs.

The nautical undertones of the collection extend from the jacket lining to the anchor lapel pin to the pocket square. The whole outfit ties itself together with virtually no work on my part.

The shoes I picked for three reasons. I love brogues and their blue tone ties them in with the rest of the outfit. Plus, even though these shoes are about 3 years old, the wood heel plays off of the wood buttons on both the shirt and jacket, further bringing the whole thing together.

As an added bonus, I noticed that almost all of the jackets and waistcoats in the current (and hopefully future) collections have an interesting feature. The lining of the chest pocket is designed and cut to be able to pull out and masquerade as a pocket square. This is such an ingenious idea that I had to examine several jackets to make sure they hadn’t just rigged up a display piece.

Jacket, shirt, pants, shoes, pocket square, & lapel pin
by Ted Baker; Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs

While I could have easily come up with a head-to-toe Ted Baker look that spanned several different collections, sometimes a look just comes together on its own, and you just have to embrace it. All of these pieces were bought at different times and I didn’t realize just how well the detailing worked together until getting ready to shoot this post.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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