May 14, 2013

Style Feature: Spring Pic(k)s

With spring in full swing, I wanted to share a few of my favorite looks for the season. This is possibly the most versatile season when it comes to options. You can safely bring in aspects of fall and summer to put together some unique looks so don’t be afraid to use seasonal patterns, fabrics, and colors to your advantage. Experiment with mixing things up to find a combination that is uniquely you. I like to wear color year round, but spring is when you can really have some fun with it, so look for new and exciting ways to introduce it into your closet.

1. Keeping it Casual

Even though it’s spring, the weather can still get chilly so don’t break out the shorts and tees just yet. Mixed with some seasonal pieces, a light leather jacket and some medium-weight denim can help combat the weather on those early mornings and late nights.

Extra Tip : Classic patterns like madras are a great way to ease into the warmer weather without looking like an Easter egg.

Extra Tip II : Colored boat shoes add a fun pop to any look, with or without socks.

Leather jacket by AllSaints Spitalfields; Madras shirt by J Crew;
Denim by Juicy Couture Men; Boat shoes by Timberland;
Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs

2. A Touch of Dandy

Don’t be afraid to mix seasonal patterns and fabrics like this linen blazer, seersucker lapel flower, and cotton gingham bowtie. Just remember to coordinate, not match.

Extra Tip : Stay consistent. With the cotton and linen on top, it’s important to keep the bottom from weighing the look down. It’s hard to go wrong with a slim lightweight chino.

Jacket by Bamford & Sons; Shirt by Uniqlo; Pants by Sons of Intrigue;
Shoes by Ted Baker; Bowtie and belt by Brooks Brother;
Handmade lapel flower; Socks by Corgi

3. Cool and Collected

On those warm spring days you can still step up your style while staying cool. Ditch the jacket and opt for a waistcoat instead. The more interesting details it has, the better it will look on its own.

Extra Tip : You can find interesting accessories everywhere. This pocket square is actually a women’s silk handkerchief from the ‘70s.

Extra Tip II : For a cleaner look, neatly cuff your sleeves instead of loosely rolling them.

Vest and chinos by Ted Baker; Shirt by Uniqlo; Shoes by AllSaints
Spitalfields; Vintage handkerchief as pocket square (women's);
Tie by Rag & Bone; Belt by Brooks Brothers; Laces by Allen Edmonds;
Socks by Corgi; Watch by Nautica; Handmade silver bracelet (vintage)

Now is a great time to break out of the mold and experiment with new combinations of dressy and casual, high and low. The best thing about style is that it's personal and a well-curated seasonal wardrobe gives you the ability to mix different pieces with confidence. What are some of your favorite spring looks?

Stay stylish,

- JJ

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