April 2, 2013

Dressing for the Occasion: The Ball Game

Now that baseball season has arrived, so has the inevitable team gear. In the last week alone, I have seen three different people wearing head to toe royal blue and orange. Supporting your favorite team is great, but sometimes subtlety is the more stylish route. So what happens if you find yourself with tickets to a game? I found myself in just that situation last season for the first time in over a decade and I thought it was perfect for a Dressing for the Occasion post.

When going to a sporting event of any kind, the most important factor is going to be comfort. Unlike a lot of other sports though, when you attend a baseball game you will likely be outside exposed to the elements so it is important to dress appropriately for any weather you might encounter.

A lightweight knit hoodie gives a stylish twist to an active staple. It is easy to layer and can easily be tossed over your shoulder if things get hot, plus the hood will help if it starts to drizzle (like it did when shooting this post). As with all your clothes, fit is key, so be sure to pick up one with a slimmer fit because boxy is never stylish.

You don’t want to wear anything too near and dear to you (because that will inevitably be the night that beer gets spilled on you) but you do still want to step up your game. Some twill pants and a polo shirt are the perfect alternative to jeans and a tee while letting you rep your team in a more stylish/less obnoxious way.

Wearing team jerseys was (barely) acceptable in college, but there isn’t really any good reason to wear one unless you are actually employed by the team. It’s like the guy who wears the band’s t-shirt to their concert. Don’t be that guy.

Footwear is probably the easiest thing to choose because it is all about dressing appropriately for the occasion. You would be a little out of place showing up to the ballpark in a suit (unless you were headed to a private box, perhaps), so why wear oxfords when sneakers will do the trick. Trainers are not daily wear sneakers no matter what people seem to think, so my go-to is always a pair of Chucks. They don’t cost too much and can easily be thrown in the wash if they get dirty.

Hat by New Era; Hoodie from H&M; Polo and watch by Nautica;
Pants by Marc by Marc Jacobs; Sneakers by Converse

Last but not least, is the team cap. This is a tried and true way to show your team colors, but you can still add your own twist. You don’t always have to have a brand new hat, especially with how often teams are tweaking/screwing up their colors and logos (I’m talking to you Miami). Be proud of how long you’ve been a fan and let your hat show it. I have had this Yankees cap for almost 20 years. It has taken a lot of abuse but that gives it the kind of character that will take it through another 20+.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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