February 4, 2013

Quick Tip: Winterizing Your Accessories

Despite what the local groundhogs say, I have a feeling that winter will be here for quite a bit longer. With that in mind, here are a few quick and easy ways to up your style game by wearing accessories that are winter appropriate.

1. Pocket Square

Pocket square by Goods for Life; Jacket by Brooks Brothers

This is something that I had never seen before and stumbled across while researching a previous post, but it just makes perfect sense. We have wool ties, wool bags, and wool hats, so why not wool pocket squares too? A lightweight wool pocket square can be just as versatile as a cotton or silk one when it comes to different folds, but take care not to bulk your pocket up too much.

2. Hat

Fedora from JJ Hat Center; Jacket by Brooks Brothers;
Trousers by Express Studio

Even though its appropriation by hipsters has given it a bad rep, I still find a fedora to be timeless and stylish. While the summer allows for a cotton or straw brimmed hat, in the winter opt for the more classic wool.

3. Tie

Tie by Penguin; Shirt by Uniqlo; Jacket by Brooks Brothers

As I mentioned here, a wool tie is a great first foray into dressing seasonally. It will add some texture to your outfit without dragging it down, and it’s easy to find one that fits right in with your current wardrobe.

4. Socks

Socks by Pantherella; Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo;
Trousers by Express Studio

When winter comes, don’t leave your feet out in the cold. Wool or cashmere socks are a great (and functional) way to infuse some seasonal style into your wardrobe. There are so many companies and different blends at so many price points that it is pretty hard to find one that doesn’t suit your style or budget.

Whatever your style is, making your accessories seasonal is the perfect way to personalize your outfit. It’s those little details that really pull a look together and make it memorable.

Stay stylish,
- JJ


  1. Love the pocket square and hat, great choice.

    1. Thanks! That is definitely my favorite hat.