February 9, 2013

In Review: Nautica Fall 2013

Yesterday afternoon I trekked through the rain to Lincoln Center for Nautica’s Fall 2013 runway show and it was well worth the trip. Nautica normally foregoes the full-blown runway for a more intimate presentation (the last runway was 5 years ago for their 25th anniversary). This year for their 30th anniversary collection Creative Director Chris Cox took Nautica back to the tent with the Black Sail Collection.

Inspired by the expeditions of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the collection succeeded in achieving a balance between the heroic expeditions of centuries past and a modern sense of adventure. The mixture of classic detailing and technical materials evokes an active man who dresses with a purposeful eye to both style and function. The show was excellently styled by Brian Coats in a way that stayed true to the brand’s heritage while pushing some trends as it looks to the future.

Here are some of my favorite looks:

I really like the chunky marled turtleneck paired with the nylon active pant. It’s hard to see, but the snorkel coat actually has wool panels, which I thought was really interesting. I’m also a sucker for the versatility of moccasin boots.

I’m not usually a fan of duffel coats, but something about the combination of blue fur trim and sailing rope made this coat one of my favorites.

I imagine this captain’s coat being perfect for the dead of winter. Perhaps during a snow storm.

What I like about this sweater is the way the bright cobalt makes an otherwise dark look pop.

I’m not sure what it is (though fur trim seems to be a trend), but I like this entire look. The canvas snorkel with the frat-tucked alpaca fisherman turtleneck and cuffed utility jean. The image that it conveys just works.

This jacket just looks rugged. Ivory washed leather? It looks like the kind of piece that you will own for decades and will only look better the more you beat it up.

I think what I like most about this, other than the marled mock-neck cardigan, is the color palette. The neutrals make the red shirt a bit of a surprise.

This look caught my eye because of the mix of dressy and active. I particularly like the metallic wool fisherman cardigan.

This is another one that I like from head to toe. The tailored single pocket cargo goes perfectly with the melton shirt jacket and the black of the sweater balances out the charcoal pant and midnight shirt really nicely.

All in all I think the Black Sail Collection was quite successful and a great way to kick off Nautica’s 30th anniversary.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

Disclosure: I work for Nautica but this review is entirely my own thoughts and opinions. I have not been compensated in any way for this post. Photos courtesy of Nautica.

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