February 17, 2013

Favorite Finds: Uniqlo Linen Cotton Tie

The way the fashion cycle works means that spring is already in the air. Despite it still being below freezing outside, store shelves abound with pastels and other warm weather accoutrements. Normally, it makes more fiscal sense to wait until the end of the season when things are on sale to buy new pieces. But if the price is right, why wait? Uniqlo’s new collection expanded on a lot of last year’s offerings, especially when it comes to ties.

Every man should have at least one seasonal tie in his closet. This Linen Cotton Tie from Uniqlo is 54% linen and 46% cotton and can easily hang with ties that cost 10x as much. It is very lightweight with a surprisingly nice hand and a great look.

With this tie, Uniqlo continues doing what they do best – making quality pieces at affordable prices in a variety of color ways. The solid version is available in 10 colors and the madras check is available in 6 colors. More than enough options to go with every outfit you could possibly put together.

The width is slim, but not overly skinny (about 2 1/4 inches) and the texture on the solid tie looks more like a true linen than most blends that are on the market. The subtle changes in gradation and dupioni-like effect of the fiber variations give it an interesting look to add texture to any outfit.

The madras is a nice take on the usual plaid fare and remember, embrace the wrinkles. These ties are unlined, which means they won't be as stiff as a normal tie. It also means that it won't behave as nicely. But that's okay too. There is even an article in this month's GQ about a new trend in tailored menswear, the disheveled look, that specifically mentions unlined ties.

At only $12.90, there is not really a good reason not to own one unless you are overstocked on linen and cotton ties, but even then, one more won’t hurt. Wear it with a suit or jeans. Either way, this tie is an incredibly affordable way to introduce seasonal fabric into your wardrobe.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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