February 12, 2013

Dressing for the Occasion: Valentine’s Day

Picking out what to wear for a night out can be tough, but when that night is a holiday it only gets harder. There is a fine line between playfully acknowledging a holiday and letting it dictate your outfit. I wanted to introduce this new series of posts, Dressing for the Occasion, to give you an idea of how you can stylishly touch on a holiday without looking like you are wearing a costume. First up is Valentine’s Day.

When someone mentions Valentine’s Day, the things that usually come to mind are red, pink, flowers, chocolates, and hearts. It can be easy to go overboard, but you don’t need to wear a red suit to make a holiday statement. Subtle touches will go a long way and the most important thing is to be dressed appropriately.

For better or worse, a date on February 14th has more significance than a date on almost any other day, so what better reason to step up your game a little bit. A lightweight down vest is a great alternative to a wool coat and this cotton herringbone piece is dressy enough to work on a date where other, shinier ones might not.

When dressing for a date, start out like you would dress for a job interview and then add some personal flair. A jacket is a must, but don’t just stick with primary colors. A sport jacket in a unique color or pattern, like this purple cashmere herringbone, will set you apart as a man with his own style. The patch pockets make the jacket a little more casual but that is balanced by the silk pocket square and the softness of the cashmere.

Along with a jacket, trousers and dress shoes should be mandatory. You can never go wrong with a wool trouser and a polished cap toe. Staying conservative when it comes to your pants and shoes is perfectly fine, but socks allow you to make a statement anytime you show some ankle. A red marled sock lets you get in some color without being too flashy.

Another way to add a little subtle flair is to pick up a lapel flower for yourself when you buy that bouquet of roses. Instead of the traditional rose for your jacket, change things up with a small carnation, marigold, or primrose. Not ready for a real flower? No problem. You can incorporate a floral motif into your accessories, like this tie clip.

Vest by Nautica; Jacket by Scott James; Trousers by Edun;
Shirt by Uniqlo; Shoes by Johnston & Murphy;
Tie by Robert Godley; Tie clip by Link Up;
Pocket square by Dior; Camp socks by J Crew;
Fingerless gloves by The Men's Store at Bloomingdales

When it comes down to brass tacks, details can make or break an outfit. Paying attention to them and coordinating your accessories will make your look feel special. It will also have the added bonus of making your date feel extra special because you took the time to put some thought into how you look. Next up, I’ll give you some ideas on how not to look like a leprechaun or a douche on St. Patrick’s Day while avoiding getting punched.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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