January 12, 2013

In Review: Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

For the first In Review of the new year, I wanted to share this (sort of but not really) secret of the wardrobe industry, Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, nestled in the heart of the fur district. They have literally anything you could need to wardrobe a play or style a photo shoot and a whole lot more. You may be thinking “but I’m not a stylist and I don’t live anywhere near New York City, why do I care about this?” The reason I love this place so much is that they are essentially a one-stop shop for all your clothing care and maintenance needs (and they have a website).

What initially sparked the idea of writing a post on Manhattan Wardrobe Supply was the spinner they have at the front counter. The Decent Man’s Grooming Tools are a new addition and one that I have since seen scattered about the city in Duane Reade. They are small, easy to use things to keep you looking ship shape with minimal effort. Collar guards, pit pads, stain removing wipes, and sweater stones are just a few of the nine items available.

One of my favorite aisles is the shoe care aisle. Cleaner, conditioner, and polish in basically every color that is on the market. The next aisle over has shoe trees, horns, and stretchers.

There are racks of all types and sizes of laces, shoe and boot dryers, travel bags, and more insoles than I have ever seen in one place before. If you have shoes (or feet), there is something here for you.

Perhaps you recently made the decision to start sporting braces. I’m not talking the clip on suspenders that your mom made you wear when you were a kid (or maybe that was just me?), but the legit kind that button on to your waistband. Manhattan Wardrobe Supply has got you covered with suspender buttons in all the basic colors.

But now you need thread, right? Not to worry, they have every color imaginable.

DIY project you want to try? Every color of leather, suede, and fabric dye is at your fingertips. Not to mention Angelus leather paint, which is fantastic. It is what I used to paint my leather jackets back when I had a mohawk and a punk band.

The best way to keep your clothes safe and dust free is a garment bag. Manhattan Wardrobe Supply has garment bags in a wide variety of sizes to keep your clothes protected.

When it comes time to do your laundry, they have the perfect solution. In addition to your usual options, they have natural and organic detergents as well as some made specifically for hand washables and wool items. They have a selection of dryer sheets, fabric softeners, stain sticks, and assorted brushes and other things to make your cleaning easier and more effective.

While this may seem like a lot of stuff, it is only a small selection of the clothing and wardrobe-related products that Manhattan Wardrobe Supply stocks. They are located on the 8th floor at 245 W 29th Street between 7th and 8th Ave in Manhattan. If you aren’t in NYC or just don’t feel like making the trip (though I promise it is worth it) you can visit them online at

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I just really like this place that much. They have so many cool and useful things that I find it hard to leave empty-handed.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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