January 7, 2013

Favorite Finds: Polka Dot Woven

It’s getting more difficult to find shirts with interesting details that don’t look tacky. I’m always a fan of classic with a twist, and the Rastigar NPE shirt in Chambray Dot by Theory is just that.

The shirt is a lightweight cotton with what appears to be a faded tonal dot pattern. What makes the shirt interesting is that shirt seems to have been constructed with the ‘wrong side’ of the fabric facing out to provide the faded appearance because the inside of the shirt features a nice vibrant polka dot (which is great for when you roll your sleeves).

Theory tends to run on the trim side and this shirt was no exception. I tried on a Medium and while it was certainly a tailored fit, it was not overly snug. I felt comfortable with a full range of motion and no pulling that I could feel.

The shirt features a point collar and could easily be paired with a tie (and tucked in if you had to) for a dressier look or left untucked with an open collar for a more casual one. It has a button down front, button cuffs, and a rounded hem that measures about 29”.

Theory is also usually rather expensive and, at $225, this shirt is certainly not cheap. Before you write it off completely though, consider the quality factor. Theory makes pieces that are classic and timeless in design and, in my experience, every Theory piece that I have owned has lasted me for years (with proper care, of course), which goes a long way to offsetting the price.

When I say it goes a long way, it doesn’t quite take it all the way there for me. I would seriously consider making the purchase at 25% or 30% off, but full price is just too hard for me to justify. It is dry clean only, which is a factor because the care and maintenance costs will be higher and the life will be shorter (because of the chemicals) than if it was machine washable.

In this instance, the quality and nice detailing doesn’t offset the price for me. If you have the money to spend, it is definitely a great piece worth investing in, but I know that there are other shirts that I like as much (or better) for a better price. As with all purchases, weigh the cost against the quality and fit and make the best decision for you.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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