December 8, 2012

Head-to-Toe: John Varvatos

 In the second installment of my Head-to-Toe posts, I wanted to introduce the idea of mixing a designer’s multiple lines that share a core aesthetic. Wearing an ensemble comprised of a single design can be a fine line to walk, so it is important to keep visible branding to a minimum to avoid looking like a (decidedly unstylish) billboard.

While it can sometimes be difficult to find a line that stays complementary from one season to the next, it is quite a bit harder to combine a designer’s multiple lines across collections. Normally, multiple lines showcase different inspiration, but John Varvatos’ design aesthetic and palette seems to carry through all his lines (including the late Converse sportswear collaboration) to the point that nearly all the pieces from any collection can be worn together.

I am a big proponent of layering because it allows me to be able to add or remove pieces to always stay comfortable. So when I was putting this look together, I pulled out a layering technique that I like to use when dressing mannequins because it looks cool (luckily it is also practical because it was cold outside).

Layering a woven shirt over a knit shirt is something I have featured before (here for example in looks 2 & 3), but not when both have collars. It can be tough to pull off unless both pieces work really well together. In this instance, the woven collar is small enough to tuck nicely underneath the knit so the neck doesn't get too bulky. I also love the way the colors and textures of the knit, woven, and sweater play off each other.

Sweater and knit shirt by John Varvatos Star USA;
Trousers, boots, and scarf by John Varvatos;
Woven shirt by Converse John Varvatos;

The payoff to wearing a single designer can be huge in the simplicity that it allows in keeping a well-curated wardrobe. If the majority of your clothes share a similar color palette and pervasive design aesthetic, then it is that much easier to pull a stylish look out of your closet.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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