December 1, 2012

Favorite Finds: Etsy Edition

With December here, it’s time to start the hunt for holiday gifts (for yourself or others). One place that I always know I will find some really cool things is Etsy. For those who may not have heard of Etsy before, it is an online marketplace that only deals in handmade and vintage goods. It allows you to deal one-on-one with the people who make the products, which can often result in some really unique pieces. There really is no end to what kind of great gifts you can find on Etsy, but here are some of my menswear-related favorites, in no particular order.

1. Wool Pocket Square

Wool pocket square in a heathered purple herringbone
Frequent readers know that I am all about dressing seasonally, and what better way to accessorize in the winter than with wool? These wool pocket squares from Goods for Life are a fantastic way to make your pocket pop and at only $20 each they won’t drain your wallet. These handmade pocket squares are available in a variety of plaids, textured solids, and patterns with enough variety to coordinate with any look. Visit Goods for Life’s Etsy shop for the full selection.

2. Luggage Tag

Chocolate tweed luggage tag

I know this may seem like an odd gift, but for the style-minded traveler this is a unique and thoughtful gift from Jack and Bee. These fabric luggage tags will help your bag stand out from the crowd. Not only do they look really nice, they are only $7.50 each, which is an incredible price for any luggage tag (let alone a handmade one). Visit Jack and Bee’s Etsy shop for the full selection.

Sailor Stripes luggage tag

3. Boutonniere

Up-cycled lapel pin boutonniere in black and white

So while looking for some new accessories, I stumbled across Wims & Co’s shop. These two pieces are handmade from repurposed materials, which make them not only unique, but also eco-friendly. The lapel pin boutonnieres are a fantastic way to take your suit or blazer to the next level and with lapel pins making a comeback lately, they are a great way to set yourself apart. This particular boutonniere is $24.97 but there are a variety of styles currently available at Wims & Co’s Etsy shop.

Up-cycled lapel pin boutonniere in purple and white

4. Shoe Bag

Up-cycled mens travel shoe bag in red and black

A shoe bag is something that I think every man should own, for home and travel. At home I use them as dust bags and while on the road they keep my shoes from getting scuffed and/or dirtying my clothes. This is another piece from Wims & Co and, like the boutonniere, is made from repurposed materials. It is lined and features two pockets to keep the shoes from rubbing against each other. $24.97 may seem like a lot to spend on a shoe bag, but think of it as an investment to protect your shoes (which are presumably an investment of their own). Check out Wims & Co’s Etsy shop for the current selection.

Up-cycled mens travel shoe bag in blue and white

5. Flask

Vintage theatre tickets flask

Let’s be honest, at one time or another we have all wished we had a flask on us. Unless of course you are a teetotaler, in which case you can probably skip this one. These unique flasks from The Hair of the Dog can stylishly fill that need. With over 200 different flasks to choose from (many featuring moustaches) available in 6oz and 8oz sizes, you are sure to find one that is right for you. Almost every single one can be personalized and they all come with a funnel and tote bag all at no additional charge. At $19 each, this is extremely reasonable for a nice stainless steel flask and the perfect gift for almost anyone. Take a look at The Hair of the Dog’s Etsy shop to peruse all the choices.

Mustache on blue flask

6. Travel Tray

Men's travel tray in gunmetal gray

Travel trays have become popular over the last couple years and if you travel a lot, this piece from Susan Victoria Designs is a great gift. They lie flat in your luggage and give a sense of organization and personality to your hotel room while on the road. I actually have two of these that come with me anytime I travel, whether for a day or a week. They are also great for a dresser or nightstand at home (unfortunately my cats don’t allow that to happen at my place). Made from a nice suiting fabric in 4 color choices, $15 is a great price for this functional gift. Take a look at Susan Victoria Designs’ Etsy shop for more details.

Flattened for travel

7. Money Clip

Money clip in nickel silver - antique finish with heavy texture and pleated edging (obverse)

Among many other things, Gaia Metal Studio has some fantastic handmade money clips. It is incredibly difficult to find a money clip that isn’t ostentatious, and these definitely fit the bill. Refined with a little bit of edgy style, this is a great way to keep your wallet from getting bulky from cash. They are available in a variety of metals with different texture options at a variety of price points (the one featured here is only $38) and would make a great gift, especially for the man that appreciates modern sophistication. Check out Gaia Metal Studio’s Etsy shop for all the options and price points.

Reverse side

8. Tie Bar

Mens sterling silver tie clip - heavy texture in antique finish (obverse)

I think that a tie should always be worn with a tie bar, but for my tastes there are not a lot of unique (non-tacky) options out there. These handmade tie bars also from Gaia Metal Studio, ranging from $22-$42, feature a similar aesthetic to the money clips and are a stylish way to keep your tie from flapping in the breeze. Check out Gaia Metal Studio’s Etsy shop for all the options and price points.

Reverse side

As I have mentioned a lot lately, the holidays are a fantastic time to support small businesses and use your gift giving to help small business owners have a nice holiday too. All of the items featured in this post are made in and ship from the USA.

Stay stylish,
- JJ


  1. Thank you so much for including my luggage tags in this very cool collection of gift ideas! cheers, jackandbeedesigns