November 25, 2012

Inspiration: Velvet Jacket

Personally, I feel that velvet jackets have never gone out of style, but this year they are particularly on trend. For many men who own one they are reserved for formal occasions in place of a tux jacket, but that doesn’t have to be the case. When it is utilized properly (and in season), a well-fitting velvet jacket can be almost as versatile as anything else in your wardrobe and make just as strong a statement. For this post, my inspiration comes from just such a statement piece.

When building an outfit around a statement piece, especially a seasonal one, it is important to keep things simple. Velvet is a strong statement to make (let alone when it is a chalk stripe), so competing patterns and colors should be kept to a minimum.

Attention to details is important when crafting any outfit, but even more so with something like this. I took my cues primarily from the purple lining and accent stitching, but also from the color of the chalk striping.

I really like purple, so I went a little heavier with the accessorizing than I may have with another color, but the purple pocket square, laces, and tie provide a nice contrast to the deep black velvet without going overboard (especially since the lining is rarely ever seen). The pants pick up on the silver-white of the pinstripe and help keep the look from seeming too heavy.

With this particular jacket, the raw edges are purposefully left unfinished so that they will fray, give the jacket character, and play against the formality of the peak lapels. This also allows the piece to even more seamlessly transition between dressy and casual. However, even with your classic velvet jacket, don’t be afraid to pair it with jeans (as long as they are slim and dark).

Jacket by Artine; Shirt by Uniqlo; Trousers by Sons of Intrigue; Shoes by
AllSaints Spitalfields; Laces by Allen Edmonds; Vintage scarf (as pocket square);
Tie by Penguin; Tie bar by Link Up; Socks by Corgi; Scarf by Psycho Bunny;
Gloves by French Connection 

Velvet has a storied history and a longstanding association with nobility, so it is hard to not have a little extra confidence when wearing a finely tailored velvet jacket, but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on one (though you certainly can). The good thing about something being on trend, is that it is much more affordable than it otherwise may be due to sheer availability of options. Nearly every department store currently has a velvet jacket in one form or another so you can find one to fit any budget.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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