October 7, 2012

Quick Tip: Knotting Your Scarf Pt 1

As regular readers know, I am a big fan of scarves and a proponent of their use as both a practical and stylish accessory. The beauty of a scarf is that you can take the same single piece and wear it in dozens of different ways so that it can always best suit your style. In this first post I’m starting with the simple basics, some of which you may already do, and hopefully you’ll find a few options you may not have considered before to try out this fall.

1. The Simple Drape

The name literally says it all. Drape the scarf around your neck and let it hang freely. It is one of the most versatile and classic ways you can wear a scarf. I like this with my extra-long scarves for a casual look and with my short scarves under a jacket to dress things up.

2. The Single Wrap

This one is also pretty self-explanatory. Drape the scarf around your shoulders so that one end is longer than the other, then wrap the longer end once around your neck and let the ends hang free. 

A variation on this that I like, particularly on a windy day, is to tuck the ends into the loop. This will help secure the ends and keep them from blowing over your shoulder when a gust comes along.

3. The Double Wrap

Again, this is pretty straightforward. Follow the same instructions as the single wrap, but wrap it a second time. This is going to be one of the warmest as it will really keep your neck protected from the elements.

4. The French Loop

Also called the Parisian Loop, the European Knot, and the Slip Knot, this is my default way to wear a scarf. It is simple to execute and always looks stylish (provided you have a long enough scarf to make it happen). Double the scarf in your hands so that you are holding the loop in one and the two ends in the other. Drape this over your shoulder, then pull the two ends through the loop, and adjust to your desired tightness.

5. The Ascot Knot

This is another beginner knot, also called the overhand knot. You probably already know how to do it but just don’t think about it. With your scarf draped over your shoulders, cross the two ends to form an ‘x’. Then wrap one end around the back of the ‘x’ and up through the center. Let the end fall over and cover the knot. This is a simple and clean knot, well suited for business and casual alike.

6. The Fake Knot

Scarf by Gant; Shirt by Uniqlo; Denim by 7 For All Mankind;
Sneakers by AllSaints Spitalfields

This knot is the trickiest of the ones featured in this post and that is only because it takes some practice to get the knot in the right spot to keep the ends even. I like this one because it isn’t something that is commonly seen. To tie this knot, drape the scarf around your neck so that one end is slightly longer than the other. Tie a loose knot in the longer end, then slip the shorter end through the knot, tighten, and adjust.

These are just a few of the dozens of ways to wear a scarf, but there will be more to come. Remember though, that no matter how you choose to wear your scarf, make sure that you feel comfortable doing so. The most important part of being stylish is being confident in your style because if you don’t think you look good, how can anyone else?

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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