September 14, 2012

Favorite Finds: Down Vest

The Premium Down Ultra Light Vest from Uniqlo is a great layering piece. It comes in a wide variety of colors, which is great to liven up your fall wardrobe. I have a previous version of this and I absolutely love it (see it here and here), so I was excited to see it return to the stores again (it seems to be one of their staple pieces for fall/winter).

I tried on a Medium and the fit is fantastic. It is a trim cut and not at all bulky which is what makes it great for layering. The armholes are high and tight which helps keep your range of motion from being restricted. The understated simplicity and quality construction that have become hallmarks of Uniqlo’s offerings really shine here.  It’s also got a nice stand-up collar that will keep your neck warm if you are going scarf-less, but won’t get in the way if you are wearing it as a layer.

The colors this year are a little varied from when I bought mine, so sadly you won’t be able to pick up the silver version you’ve seen featured previously, but don’t distress too much since this year definitely has some great color offerings too. On top of the classic black (which has a fun almost patent sheen to it), it also comes in dark brown, olive, blue (which is more a pale almost ice blue), a golden beige color, and a rich orange. The colors on the website, at least on my computer, don’t represent the actual colors very well, but since you can’t order online anyway you’ll get to see the true shades before purchasing in store.

There were also two patterned versions of the vest, but the stock of these seemed pretty low, so you may need to wait for the next shipment. Both are a printed plaid, one with a green base and one with a grey palette. It’s also worth noting that you can pick up a jacket version of the Down Ultra Light in even more colors (including a great periwinkle blue I was eyeing when I was in the store shooting this FF) if vests aren’t your thing.

One new feature this year is that Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down is now water repellent which makes it great for whatever the weather may be. Unlike a lot of down pieces on the market, this vest is 90% down and 10% feather. The normal ratio is 70:30 because while down is better insulation it is also more expensive. This high proportion of down is what allows it to be so incredibly lightweight (the hanger it is displayed on weighs about the same).

Like everything at Uniqlo, the price is really hard to beat and at $49.90 this vest is no exception. If you are in the market for a durable piece that can be both an outer layer this fall and have a coat thrown over it when it starts getting truly cold without feeling like the little brother in A Christmas Story, I highly recommend checking out Uniqlo.

Stay stylish,
- JJ


  1. Hi,
    The jacket is beautiful. Can I buy it online?

    1. Hi Jane,

      As of right now in the US, Uniqlo is only available in-store in NYC. However, they have announced an aggressive expansion plan that includes launching an online store. The prominent ad on their website says that it will be up this fall, so in another month or so you should be able pick one up from Thanks for reading!

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    Thank you very much for your detailed information!
    I'm looking forward to visit the website and shopping on it!!!
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