August 8, 2012

The Shy Stylist Turns 1!

When I started writing this blog a year ago, I knew that I wanted to write about men’s style, and offer my own experience both in life and in the fashion industry, but I didn’t have a specific plan as to how I wanted to do it. The format of the blog has evolved naturally into what it is today, but like anything, is perpetually continuing to change.

Writing about style has been an exciting adventure, because style itself is always evolving. I feel that style should not only be personal, it should be what sets you apart from everyone else. How you dress affects not only others’ perception of you, but also your perception of yourself. It affects your carriage, your behavior, and your confidence.

You only get one first impression and it should always be your best. When you feel good about how you look, it translates into how you act. Now this doesn’t mean wearing a suit all day, every day, but putting thought and consideration into your wardrobe can go a long way. Boots, jeans, and a henley that fit properly can look way more stylish and put together than a suit that doesn’t.

With this blog, I want to convey the idea that clothing is an investment and you should be invested in your style. If you purchase quality pieces that are classically stylish, not trendy, they will pay for themselves in longevity and usefulness. Oftentimes, cheap garments look cheap but that doesn’t mean you have to drop hundreds of dollars on everything you buy. With some knowledge of fabrics, fit, and construction, a lot of persistence, and sometimes a little luck you can create a well-curated wardrobe that will take you easily through any occasion.

I wanted to inspire people with this blog, to help those who are unsure or don’t know where to start when it comes to crafting their own style, and those who may not have the resources to always buy the latest trend the moment it comes out. My goal is for my readers to be able to see pictures they like and adapt the elements of those looks into their own wardrobe, or maybe give a particular item or style a chance when they may otherwise have passed it over. Style is about individualism, not about each new piece sent down the runway, and I hope that in some small way I have inspired my readers to try to find their own paths, or to have an outlet to ask questions when they are unsure.

One of my biggest hopes for growth in this blog as I begin year two is to try to cultivate a more active community. Blogging about style is best when it is a conversation, so I hope that this post will inspire those who have wanted to ask questions or make comments to speak out. I appreciate all of the emails that I get, be they questions, comments, or suggestions, and do my best to respond to each one individually and in a timely manner.

The growth that I have seen over the last year, particularly in the last few months, has been incredibly inspiring and validating and I wanted to thank every single reader for a fulfilling year.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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