August 12, 2012

Favorite Finds: Single Needle Woven

In my continuing search for interesting and unique wovens, I came across this ivory and navy gingham Single Needle Shirt from Steven Alan.

I tried on a Medium, and while the fit is a little slimmer than some, there is enough room through the body to keep it comfortable. The hem in the back is a little longer than in the front, but not so long that it looks awkward when untucked.

The stitching and construction is also impeccable, and the dotted gingham pattern is pretty unique. It features a very narrow button-down collar that I think fits in well proportionally with the size of the check.

The attention to detail is really great too, with the chest pocket lining up incredibly well so that it almost appears invisible, as well as both front panels perfectly matched at the button placket.  

The one thing that might be problematic is that the threads running the length of the shirt’s inside seem prone to catching and breaking (which had already happened a couple times on the one I tried on). While this shouldn’t affect the integrity of the pattern, it is something to consider, especially if you’re someone who isn’t delicate with your clothing.

This shirt is made in the USA, 100% cotton, machine washable and, according to the label, tumble dry medium. I would be a little concerned about tumble drying this shirt because of the stitching used to make the pattern, though, so if you go pick up this one, I’d suggest letting it hang dry.

The price is reasonable for a well-made American shirt at $188 and I really like the design, fit, and quality. Compared to some other comparable options with more interesting details it would definitely be on my list, just maybe not at the top.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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