July 19, 2012

Quick Tip: Lacing Up In Color

While vacationing in Boston, I popped into an Allen Edmonds to see if I could score a pair of shoes that I had missed out on in NYC, but no such luck. What I did find, though, were these awesome laces.

Window display at Allen Edmonds Newbury Street with the
current color assortment

The reason that I like these so much is that they allow you to not only add some color to your outfit in an unexpected place, but also to breathe new life into a pair of shoes that you had maybe gotten bored of. We have all seen colored laces on sneakers, Converse has been doing it for years, and when Payless jumps on a bandwagon you know it has been around.

What is a new development is doing the same with dress shoe and boot laces. Instead of the old standards of black, brown, taupe, and white, laces are being offered in a variety of fun shades from red to purple.

Talking with the sales associate, she admitted that they were initially very skeptical about how they would be received given their more traditional clientele, but have since been flying off the shelves.

Jar of dress and boot laces in the store.

If you aren’t sure how you feel about colored laces, you can check out an Allen Edmonds store as they usually have a few pairs laced up colorfully. They are available both in-stores and online at Allen Edmonds for $6 a pair ($9 for boot laces), and everywhere has pretty much the same colors so don’t worry about missing out. It seems like they change seasonally, so check back occasionally. The store I went in had some remnants of a more muted palette but mostly all the new brighter hues shown on the website.

For an even lower price and a wider assortment of colors (though they likely won’t change with the seasons and don’t appear to be as vibrant) you can check out Shoe Laces Express and pick up 2 pairs for $5.49-$5.99 for a regular tip. There are different lengths and tip options (black, brass, or silver metal) that will affect the price, but are handy if you have dress boots or other multi-eyelet dress footwear.

My AllSaints Spitalfields 

For less than a venti at Starbucks, you can give your shoes a makeover and open up a whole new world of versatility, and nothing says summer like a pop of color.

Stay stylish and colorful,
- JJ

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