June 4, 2012

Quick Tip: Matching Your Metals

You may have heard the longstanding rule that, as with leather, it is always important to make sure the metal of your accessories all match. Like all style rules, there are two sides and both can be correct depending on the circumstances and your personal comfort level.

Most rules of style have existed for decades and become accepted conventions of dress, and with good reason. They often convey a simple, classic, and timeless aesthetic that will always be accepted in good taste.

Belt by Ted Baker; Tie bar by Link Up; Cufflinks by Tumi

Making sure your tie bar, cufflinks, belt buckle, watch, and any other jewelry you may choose to wear all match will help pull your entire outfit together. If you are still a little unsure when making your own sartorial choices, particularly the more daring ones, sticking to a single metal palette will also help simplify your decision-making as you find your own stylistic voice.

Belt by Lacoste; Tie bar by Kenneth Cole New York;
Cufflinks by Kenneth Cole Reaction

The flipside to this is the common adage that rules were made to be broken. There is no reason that you can’t wear a silver watch with a gunmetal tie bar and cufflinks or some other combination. I would advise that you make the dominant metal match whatever color your belt buckle is because that is going to be the most prominent color and will help keep your accessories cohesive.

I personally don’t wear yellow metals (yellow gold, brass, bronze) out of preference, so choosing my accessories is already easier since I limit myself to silvers and gunmetal. I also have a large enough variety of cufflinks and tie bars that I don’t usually have a problem changing up my accessories while still continuing to match.

 There are, however, definitely times when I feel like breaking the mold a little bit and mixing things up. Don’t feel like you have to follow any one rule all the time, just keep in mind the occasion and go with what feels right.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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