June 25, 2012

Favorite Finds: Summer Shorts

So summer hit NYC with a fury, giving us three days of temperatures well into the 90s, and anyone not wearing shorts was probably pretty miserable. But not all shorts are created equal. When picking shorts to wear during the heat of summer, it is important to get a pair that is lightweight and slim, and that is what Theory does best.

The Carmine Kirby Short is a really nice addition to any summer wardrobe. The medium blue with white vertical striping, called Denim Stripe, has a subtle washed appearance and would go well with a variety of color palettes and styles. The stripes are actually an alternating single and double, which adds some additional visual interest.

The fit is listed as straight, but it is on the slimmer side. I tried on a 33 and they fit great, but I probably could have dropped down to a 32, since there is a little stretch. The inseam is a little longer than most fashion shorts out there, at 9 ¾”, so it hit me right at the kneecap.

These are actually a six-pocket style, with an extra pocket inside both the front and back on the right side, which gives you some extra room to stay organized (may I suggest a handkerchief?). Another great feature is the button fly. I don’t see them often on shorts, but it is always a detail I like to have.

The content is 97% cotton/3% elastane, so there is a little bit of stretch to them, which is becoming more common in both shorts and pants. Care is easy, as they are machine wash cold and tumble dry low, but because they are so lightweight they must be ironed on a low heat.

The price is a little high for cotton shorts, at $165, but Theory makes good pieces so you will probably have these for a while. The striping is distinctive enough that I would recommend these only if you don’t wear shorts often or have numerous pairs already, because unlike a solid they will be more difficult to pull off multiple days in a row.

Stay stylish (and cool),
- JJ

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