May 16, 2012

Reader Question: Missing Posts


I regularly read your blog, but I have noticed that there haven’t been any new posts in the last couple weeks. Are you still going to be working on the site?



Hi Richard,

As you’ve noticed, at this point, it’s been almost a month since the last post and I wanted to post your question to explain that gap a little because I received quite a few similar ones and so I felt an little explanation was needed. I am absolutely still working on the site and it is something that I hope to do for a long time, my schedule just finally got the better of me.

My three biggest passions are fashion, music, and theatre, and before I started working in fashion, I spent years working in the theatre industry. Despite having moved from freelancing in theatre to personal shopping and styling, I am still very much involved in a production and design capacity with a fantastic theatre company that I was fortunate enough to join a few years back, EBE Ensemble (you should check them out).

The lack of posts was due to EBE Ensemble’s most recent production and an unfortunately timed combination of a minor injury, bad weather, hectic days at work, and some bad scheduling that prevented me from backlogging enough material to cover the run of the show. All told, it was a great learning experience for me so that I can be better prepared in the future to balance all of the projects I have going on and, while there will undoubtedly be bumps along the way, I hope to maintain a relatively consistent schedule of new posts for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for reading!

Stay stylish,

- JJ

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