May 19, 2012

Favorite Finds: Printed Woven

With a week of ridiculous humidity and temperatures creeping ever closer to summer, the right clothes can make the difference between a nice day and a miserable one, and this shirt by Woolrich, John Rich & Bros will do the job nicely.

I tried on a US Medium (which is a EU Large), and it felt like a slightly trim standard fit. The hem and sleeve length were both great, and it fit consistently well through both the shoulders and chest. My only real issue is that it felt like there was a little extra fabric in the width of the sleeve, which left some unnecessary bulk. I will say that the shirt must have shipped folded (note the fold lines running up the body), and it was still on the stiff side. You can tell the hand is soft, so it may drape better after a wash, but still not a deal-breaker for me.

I like this shirt for a few reasons, the biggest one being the incredible attention to detail. The buttons are made of wood and carved with a nice bevel that help set it apart from most other shirts I’ve seen on the racks. In what is likely a result of me inferring way too much, I view the buttons as a nod to the long history of Woolrich as an outdoor and workwear company. Their published history has it that John Rich began selling his wares to nearby lumber camps.

Another great detail is the complementary fabric that is used on both the gusset and the sleeve placket. The blue and white gingham adds some extra visual interest and contrast to the piece while not drawing undue attention. There is also a small Woolrich tag on the placket, a detail that is becoming more popular on casual wovens as a means of subtle branding.

The fabric is a medium blue double-faced cotton, printed with a white box pattern. It feels really light and breathable, while also being a tight enough weave that it will hold up to daily wear. The care instructions are machine wash cold, inside out. Do not tumble dry or dry clean.

It is priced a little high at $145, but the attention to detail and quality makes it more than worthwhile in my opinion. Another great thing about this shirt is that the color is neutral enough that it can easily carry you through the spring, summer, and even into the fall.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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