April 2, 2012

Favorite Finds: Leather Tote

As anyone in New York City knows, a good bag is essential to getting through the day. In the past, I’ve featured both messenger and weekend bags, but I wanted to touch on the oft-overlooked tote. When most men think of a tote bag, they either get images of the ‘green bags’ that are permeating store checkouts or of a nylon bag that their mom might carry to the beach while wearing a sunhat.

A lot of companies are breaking out of that mold and putting out bags that are both rugged and stylish. I have not always been a fan of totes for anything other than groceries, but over the last year I have slowly come around and the Thetford Tote from AllSaints Spitalfields took care of any reservations that remained.

What really makes this bag stand out for me is that it comes with a removable and fully adjustable shoulder strap. I love the versatility that this gives me be able to carry the bag however is most convenient.

It is made out of 100% leather with a cotton lining. Like all of AllSaints leather goods, this bag feel like it is definitely built to last. The leather is soft but also thick enough to be able to take a beating.

It is simple and straightforward, with an inside zippered pocket and no unnecessary frills. The leather strap that anchors the handles continues all the way around the bag and a horizontal seam about 2/3 down adds some interest to its lines. There is a single embossed info logo at the top front, but that is the only external branding, which I appreciate.

It is not a small tote by any means at just under 19” high and 15.75” wide, but it is surprisingly manageable. It is available in Slate Grey (which is more like a washed black) and Chocolate and priced at $295, which is much less than I would expect to pay for a bag like this, especially given AllSaints track record with leather.

As I’m sure you can tell, I would highly recommend this tote. I have plenty of bags, more than I really need actually, but the next time I find an excuse to buy one this will definitely be it.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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