February 9, 2012

Quick Tip: The Winter Sock

When winter arrives and the temperature drops (hard to imagine right now), it’s important keep yourself warm and comfortable and that goes for your feet too. Your socks don’t have to simply be functional – they can also be fun and stylish. Here I’ll feature five different pairs in a variety of fibers that do all three.

1. Merino Wool

Socks by Black Brown 1826

I am partial to the classic argyle pattern and this sock is great for everyday wear with a dress shoe. Coordinate the background color to your pants and the colors in the argyle back to your shirt, tie, or pocket square for a nice polished look that brings everything together.

2. Wool/Nylon

Socks by AllSaints Spitalfields

Nothing says winter like a fair isle pattern and what better way to get into the spirit of the season? While these could be worn on a dressier occasion, they have a more casual feel than some of the other socks featured in this post. Stick to the casual look and throw them on with a pair of low key lace-ups or maybe some wool boat shoes.

3. Cashmere/Nylon

Socks by Pantherella

When I picked this pair up, I was not in the market for more socks— I have too many as it is. Once I felt them though, it was over. Cashmere socks just feel luxurious and the nylon helps them hold their shape and last longer. These are perfect when I want to sneak a little extra comfort into an outfit.

4. Wool/Cashmere

Socks by Tom Ford

Patterned socks are great because when the pattern covers the entire sock (instead of just along the top or hidden on the heel and toe) even a tiny flash of sock is a great opportunity to add another layer of texture and interest to your outfit. The cashmere content makes these super soft as well while still being thin enough to wear with a tighter dress shoe, making them perfectly paired with anything from a suit to jeans.

5. Cotton Blend

Socks by J Crew

Camp socks are a classic and they have really been making a comeback lately. These particular camp socks are made in the last sock mill in Vermont and were a lifesaver when an unexpected cold front hit while I was up there for the weekend. The exact blend varies a bit for the different color offerings, but they are primarily cotton and machine washable, which is great for easy care and makes them a winter staple in my book.

Remember, wool socks usually need to be hand washed so be sure to check the care instructions before you remove the tags, and when in doubt, opt for hand washing.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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