January 22, 2012

Style Feature: The Winter Scarf

As I have mentioned before, a nice scarf is probably my favorite accessory. Particularly in the winter, when you are all bundled up in a winter coat, scarves are a fantastic way to infuse some personal style into the monotony of winter.

1. Wool

A wool scarf is a nice addition to any wardrobe and comes in a variety of weights and styles to suit almost any weather. This scarf was actually featured in the fall scarf post, so you can see it is really a versatile piece.

Even though it is a relatively thin and gauzy scarf, at 20” wide it can be surprisingly bulky if wrapped a certain way, which goes a long way to keeping out the cold.

Scarf by John Varvatos; Coat by AllSaints Spitalfields;
Denim by AllSaints Spitalfields; Boots by LL Bean; Hat by Prada;
Gloves by Kenneth Cole New York; Sunglasses by Prada.

2. Wool/Cashmere

Another step up the warmth (and price) scale is a wool/cashmere blend. Cashmere is a very specific type of wool and its labeling is actually regulated in the US. The benefit of cashmere is that, because of the fine fibers, it allows for a warm but not bulky garment. The blend helps to keep the price down because cashmere can get pretty expensive.

I am a big fan of Psycho Bunny because many of their pieces are based around classic styles and patterns, but with a really fun and unique design. I mean, who doesn’t love a bunny skull and crossbones?

Scarf by Psycho Bunny; Trench by French Connection;
Trousers by Express Studio; Boots by John Varvatos.

3. Cashmere

A cashmere scarf is going to be pricey, but in my opinion the soft hand and warmth that it provides in such a light fabric is definitely worth the cost. Personally, I would much rather pay a little extra to have something really soft rubbing against my face than a rougher wool. The increased warmth is really just an added benefit.

This scarf is different because not only is it really long (about 100”) but it is also double faced. Despite being pretty thin, this is the scarf that I wear on the coldest days for two main reasons. The length allows me to easily wrap it around my neck three times while the two layers of cashmere provide an exceptional degree of warmth.

Scarf by Burberry; Overcoat by John Varvatos; Quarter-zip by
Nautica; Shirt by Charles Tyrwhitt; Trousers by Fink Clothing;
Boots by AllSaints Spitalfields; Gloves by French Connection.

4. Infinity

In recent years, the infinity scarf has become increasingly popular. For those unfamiliar with them, the concept is basically that it is a scarf with the ends connected forming a loop (hence the infinity moniker). They are usually a chunkier knit and on the longer side, so that you can loop it around your neck multiple times.

Most of the pieces that I have seen are either fully synthetic or some sort of blend. The scarf featured here is a blend of acrylic, wool, nylon and angora and while the sheer bulk of the scarf provides a good amount of warmth, the looser knit does not insulate as well as other scarves might.

Scarf by INC; Cardigan by John Varvatos Star USA; Shirt by Gant Rugger;
Denim by AllSaints Spitalfields; Boots by John Varvatos;
Sunglasses by Bulgari; Gloves by French Connection.

Scarves are definitely one of my weaknesses when it comes to buying accessories and I can’t extol their virtues enough (plus they are easy to store). The choices in content, style, color, and pattern make it a relatively simple task to find one that suits any occasion.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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