December 22, 2011

Reader Question: Thermals

Hi JJ,

My boyfriend and I moved up north a year ago and this is going to be our second real winter. My boyfriend was complaining that he was cold all last winter because he refuses to wear thermals. He claims that ‘long johns’ remind him of his grandpa and are just really unstylish. He has taken tips from you before, so I am hoping you can persuade him to let me buy him thermals because I really don’t want to hear him complaining for another winter.

- Victoria


Hi Victoria,

Believe it or not, I had the exact same problem when I moved back up north from Miami. It took me four very long and very cold winters before I got over my trepidation and got some thermals. With new styles and performance fabrics, the thermals you can buy now are definitely not your grandpa’s long johns. Some brands like Uniqlo and 32 Degrees Heat by Weatherproof are departing from the standard waffle knit cotton to keep you even warmer while making the fabric thinner and more comfortable under clothing. Making the adjustment to wearing the thermal bottoms will probably be the most difficult, especially if he is not used to wearing very tight clothing. If he is still hesitant, try starting with just a thermal shirt- since it is like a simple undershirt or long-sleeve tee it won’t seem so silly. Then, once he sees how warm his top half is, he’ll be much more inclined to try the bottoms too.

Good luck and stay stylish,
- JJ

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