December 11, 2011

Inspiration: Balmain F/W 2011

When I saw the lookbook for Balmain’s Fall/Winter 2011, I was really drawn to the aesthetic and couldn’t wait for winter so that I could use it as a starting point for some of my own sartorial choices.

When contemplating this post, I really wanted to showcase how you can translate inspiration into a look of your own. An edited wardrobe and a little creativity can allow you to emulate a particular look without having to buy new pieces. This post challenged me to look at my wardrobe in a new way and other than the scarf, every other component of this look are pieces that I already owned.

Photos from Balmain F/W 2011 Lookbook

Now I really loved the style that these two pictures convey, but I didn’t really want to spend upwards of $10K to get them. The extra-long scarf is what caught my eye the most in this lookbook and after scouring the stores, I could not find anything that really fit the bill. So like I have done many times before, I had resigned myself to having to make a scarf that fit the bill. Then, last week I stumbled upon an amazing double-faced cashmere scarf that was exactly what I was looking for (and wasn’t the roughly $800 that the Balmain cost).

Topcoat by John Varvatos; Shirt by Vince; Henley by AllSaints Spitalfields;
Denim by AllSaints Spitalfields; Boots by Altama; Scarf by Burberry;
Camp socks from J Crew; Fingerless gloves from the Men's Store at Bloomingdale's;
Belt by American Rag; Sunglasses by Alexander McQueen.
I took the specific aspects that I particularly liked from each of the two inspiration photos and adapted them into a look that, while clearly inspired by Balmain, falls well within my personal aesthetic.

While I may not have thought to put these pieces together in this way, that is the beauty of inspiration. Where do you find inspiration?

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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