November 2, 2011

Head-to-Toe: AllSaints

One piece of advice that you will likely hear over and over is that you shouldn’t wear only one designer, but rather mix and match. This is generally good advice to follow because you do not want to be a walking billboard, especially if you are wearing a label that puts its logo on almost everything.

Also, many designers’ inspiration and palette changes from season to season, and the assumption that just because something is from the same brand makes it work is often inaccurate. As a result, a shirt from the Fall ’10 collection could clash horribly with a pair of pants from the Fall ’11 (or even Spring ’11) collection.

Sometimes, however, you will come across a line with such a strong core aesthetic that their pieces mix seamlessly from one season to the next, and they do not have the visible branding that makes you an advertisement. If you can find a few of these lines that all speak to your own personal style, they will help you to build an incredibly versatile wardrobe that makes putting together a cohesive look that much easier. Think about it – if most of the pieces in your wardrobe go well together, it is rather difficult to not look stylish.

In this series I will showcase labels whose design aesthetic is very clear and, with few exceptions, whose pieces look great together across seasons and years.

The first label that I wanted to cover is one of my personal favorites – AllSaints Spitalfields, particularly fitting since yesterday was, in fact, All Saints’ Day.

You can see these boots featured close-up in my Style Feature on The Brogued Shoe.

One of the things that makes this look work is that the color palette is all muted and in the same family (in this case grayscale), without matching too closely.

Jacket, shirt, denim, and boots by AllSaints Spitalfields;
Sunglasses by Alexander McQueen.

What are your thoughts on styling one designer head-to-toe?

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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