September 30, 2011

Reader Question: Stretching Leather

Hi JJ,

I have a leather jacket that I’ve had for a while and it got wet a few weeks back. I googled what to do and am pretty sure I did everything right, but when I tried it on it was too tight. Any suggestions?


Hi Nick,

This is a common problem because even if you do everything right, sometimes the leather will still shrink depending on how it was treated during production. Don’t worry though, because with a little time, you can get that jacket back in shape. Start wearing it around the house for a few hours a day and eventually your movement and body heat will stretch the leather back out to where it is comfortable for you.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

PS – Sorry for the delay in new posts, crazy schedules have delayed shooting on a bunch of posts, but I am going to knock a bunch out this weekend and resume my normal frequency. Thanks for sticking with me.

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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