August 20, 2011

Reader Question: When to Wear Cotton Ties

After the extra tip I gave about cotton ties in my Summer Jacketing post, I received a great question from a reader:

Hi JJ,

I really liked your Extra Tip about seasonal ties. I recently bought a cotton tie on sale and I was wondering if it is still ok to wear into the fall? Thanks!


Hey GB and thanks for reading!

Congrats on your purchase. As I mentioned in the Summer Jacketing feature, keeping your ties seasonal (cotton and linen in the spring/summer and wool in the fall/winter) is a great way to put a cool twist on your style. That said, this is merely an accepted rule and especially in fashion, rules were made to be broken. There is no deadline that dictates when you should pack up the cotton and break out the wool.

Also remember that, just like with suiting and shirting fabrics, there are different weights in fabric for cotton ties. The gingham tie I wore in the post is a lightweight cotton in a bright color.

Cotton tie by J Crew; Shirt by BOSS Hugo Boss.

While gingham and seersucker in light and bright colors are my go-to for ties in the summer, as the seasons change I switch over to my heavier cotton ties in more subdued tones. I will often wear these ties well into December if the weather is warm enough.

Cotton tie by Rag & Bone; Shirt by BOSS Hugo Boss;
Tie bar by Link Up.

I would recommend that you follow the weather and dress appropriately. This goes not just for your ties but your entire wardrobe. Here in New York City there are certainly unseasonably warm days in the fall and winter. Don’t be afraid to break out your cotton if the temperature feels right. If you live somewhere like Miami where it is warm all year round, a cotton or linen tie is always appropriate.

Thanks again for reading and keep the questions coming!

Stay stylish,
- JJ

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